Showing Off HealthITq Successes - Regulatory

Preparation is Key

Data Extraction | EMR Navigation

Data Analysis | Innovative Thinking

QRDA Reporting | TJC

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Showing Off HealthITq Successes - Regulatory

When data is your best protection

HealthITq provide expert skill to produce custom extracts of data that was critical to an hospital state survey

Data Extraction

Show  Surveyors Confidence when Navigating the chart

Under the pressure of surveyor requests for information, HealthITq resources successfully navigated the EMR and were able to quickly demonstrate chart completeness to satisfy each survery request

EMR Navigation

Data Analysis

Top 10 Medicare Denials Identified

Programmed custom reports and provided analysis to management for top 10 LAB test denials - Lipid Panel took the number one spot

Innovative Thinking

EMR Vendor Unable to Extract PQRS Data

When EMR Vendor was unable to produce reports to complete PQRS Data, HealthITq team worked with healthcare facility to not only extract the data, but to also show areas where physicians could beef up their documentation to meet requirements

QRDA Reporting

EMR Vendor Readiness for QRDA Data Reporting Requirements

EMR vendor missed the mark for producing QRDA data in proper format for reporting so HealthITq experts developed a custom extract and formatted it to meet requirements


The Joint Commission Preparedness

Evaluated current processes, documentation and TJC requirements then presented organization with recommendations


eCQM Readiness

Guided several organizations to eCQM reporting readiness

Meaningful use

MU Attestation / Audit Readiness

Led MU Attestation Preparation for over 40 hospitals, guided organizations and helped them to prepare their audit readiness documentation