Showing Off HealthITq Successes - Infrastructure

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Showing Off HealthITq Successes - Infrastructure

Navigating the perils of Potential Data Loss

When an equipment failure threatened the loss of critical data, an expert HeatlhITq resource artfully led the infrastructure team each step of the way toward successful remediation until the vendor could ship needed drives

SAN Failure

Remediation of a Failed Imprivata Appliance

When an organization has become reliant on badge access, losing an Imprivata appliance can be tricky but this organization successfully restored to full function in less that 3 hours with no loss of functionality


Audit Ready

HIPAA Security & Privacy Audits Are Not Optional

Performed 20+ security audits with follow-up presentations and recommendations for remediation

intrusion Test

Do You Really Know Who Accesses Your SYSTEMS?

Performed black box testing for major university hospital, compromising all sensitive clinical and financial applications in 48 hours

Bad Actors

Sleep LAB and Other EASY Entry Points for Network Intrusion

Identified network intrusion vulnerabilities in a Midwest hospital via a Sleep LAB computer that was not properly secured.  This is exactly how the bad guys can find a way into your facilities network.  

EMR Downtime Policies, Procedures, Reports

Facilitated creation and availability of necessary off network medication and orders reports as well as full policy and procedure to support scheduled and unscheduled system downtime


Downtime Prep

VDI Solution

Virtual Desktop Environment Brings Consistency to Clinicians

Built, validated and presented Virtual Desktop Environment for many customers over the years ensuring consistent computing experience for clinicians



Allowing Physicians to Care for Rural Patients

Rural Midwestern Community Hospital reaches out to patients using Telehealth Technology to provide care to those unable to travel