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Showing Off HealthITq Successes - Health IT Consultants


An upgrade to console required directory clean-up

With local talent consumed with day to day operations, database maintenance was not a priority and was negatively impacting the project timeline until a HealthITq resource defined the work and distributed for remediation

Openlink Engine Expert Saves the Day

A perfect example of talent on demand is demonstrated when this resource successfully restores connections in the middle of the night 


Keep Moving

Interim LIS Administrator Propels Lagging Projects 

Upon departure of long term LIS Administrator a mid-west hospital contracts with HealthITq to assume all LIS adminsitrator functions and to propel lagging projects to completion.  Projects included a comprehensive LAB upgrade, workflow analysis to achieve greater throughput in the LAB and support for 14 multi-specialty clinics

MD Training

"At the Elbow" Training Proves Most Successful Training Method

Personalized peer-to-peer physician training methodology used successfully in 40+ physician computerized order entry implementations at hospitals across the US


Identify Soarian Revenue Cycle Workflow Opportunites

Implementation of Soarian Revenue Cycle in Midwest hospital reveals several areas for improvement in staff roles and hand-offs between billing, collections, and follow-up


Creation of Training Reference Materials

Creation, publication and distribution of Quick Reference Guides to each clinical area and develop curriculum for EMR Implementations used by many vendors

Physician Clinics Access to Hospital Records

Project provided for the integrated access of IP charts for continuity of care in the ambulatory setting


Soarian Financials Integrated with 3M Coding Worklists

Automated manual workflow by identifying minimum content requirements for coding resulting in significant improvement in the DNFB (discharged not final billed)


Work Smarter

Interoperability and Transparency

Interoperability between systems to a seamless flow of patient Care between systems