The Fine Print for Talent - Getting Started with HealthITq

The Fine Print for Talent

Getting Started with HealthITq

The HealthITq marketplace makes significant investment in curating and vetting the highest quality health IT talent available to the industry. Use of this site constitutes an agreement between HealthITq and independent consultants that independent consultants will not solicit or accept opportunities outside of HealthITq that were previously matched on HealthITq.
— HealthITq Inc.

Work This Way

Calling all Independent Consultants, Freelance Talent, Contingent Workforce in the Health IT Industry

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Who: Independent consultants, freelance talent, contingent workforce

What: Directly source expert health IT talent

When: On-demand

Where: HealthITq patent-pending talent matching App (via web, IOS and Android)

Why: Flexibility, freedom to choose interesting work, leverage your expertise

How: Follow these easy steps to join the HealthITq marketplace

  1. Select the link below to become talent

  2. Complete the Consultant Registration page

  3. Submit resume or LinkedIn profile information to

  4. Once account has been verified you will receive a confirmation email from HealthITq

  5. Upon receipt of confirmation email, proceed to identify and select ALL categories for which you have skills and expertise - increase your visibility by selecting multiple skill categories

  6. View the HealthITq Consultant Dashboard frequently to review qualifying projects

  7. Bid on projects that are matched to your skills and expertise

  8. Communicate directly with the organizations of your choice via HIPPO chat

  9. Finalize project scope details with the organization

  10. Sign agreement and scope of work with HealthITq

  11. Launch the project

Review the Independent Contractor Agreement


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