The Fine Print for Organizations

The Fine Print for Organizations

Getting Started with HealthITq

The HealthITq marketplace makes significant investment in curating and vetting the highest quality health IT talent available to the industry. Use of this site constitutes an agreement between HealthITq and requesting organizations to not solicit or hire matched resources independent of HealthITq.
— HealthITq Inc.

Work This Way

Calling all IT Leaders, HR Professionals, Recruiters, Consulting Firms, Physician Practices & Others

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Who: IT leaders, HR professionals, recruiters, consulting firms, physician practices & others

What: Directly source expert health IT talent

When: On-demand

Where: HealthITq patent-pending talent matching app (via web, IOS and Android)

Why: Easily find independent expert talent to meet incremental resource needs

How: Follow these easy steps to begin your HealthITq talent acquisition journey

  1. Select the link below to post your project

  2. Select from one of four categories: Staff Augmentation, Advisory Services, Interim Leadership or Outsourcing to get started

  3. Proceed to select specific criteria from the HealthITq proprietary catalog to develop a candidate profile that precisely matches your health IT talent requirements

  4. Post project including budget allocation, project start, and bid allowed time frame

  5. Complete your HealthITq account profile

  6. Receive notification from matched candidates expressing interest in your project

  7. Communicate directly with the candidates of your choice via HIPPO chat to review qualifications

  8. Finalize project scope details with candidate

  9. Structure agreement and scope of work with HealthITq

  10. Launch the project

Review the Master Services Agreement