Brenda Heim, Creative Director

Brenda Heim

Creative Director, Fine Artist

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Brenda has more than 30 years of experience working in the corporate art arena — incorporating fine art as tools for business branding, designing corporate art gifts, and corporate art collection placements.

Her expertise has helped executives create notable programs such as — Giving & Remembrance Through Art • Fine Art & Sculpture For Planned Giving — a division of Hospice. Her roster of corporate projects include sectors such as restorative environments, healthcare institutions, and art in public spaces. 

Brenda has worked with HealthITq’s founder and CEO for nearly 15 years, producing various art initiatives. Sensitive to the integration of art and business, Brenda is recognized by colleagues and clients for her professionalism, candor, attention to detail, and visionary enthusiasm. Employing various forms of art expression, her projects range in scale, budget, and involvement, from round tables to larger than life size site-specific commissions.

An entrepreneurial creative, Brenda’s directorship is enhanced by her esteemed studio career. Her artwork is included in numerous public collections across North America. Exhibitions and placements include Naples Museum of Art, FL, Tensho Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.,  Fiserv CBS Worldwide Headquarters, FL, Coopers & Lybrand, FL, Adrenaline Films, FL, Four Seasons Beverly Hills, CA, Azabu Miami, FL, The Palace Hotel San Francisco, South Lake Hospital, FL.

Fine art is good medicine… — Arts & Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic

…integrating the arts and research to promote healing and to enhance the lives of our patients, families, visitors and employees.