Agile Talent in Health IT

Independent Consultants

The healthcare IT staffing model must evolve as the need for expert talent increases.  Today's healthcare organization requires the flexibility to staff vertically and horizontally to meet stakeholders' needs quickly and effectively.  With literally hundreds of applications and technologies in place in a typical hospital Information Systems department, it is foolhardy to believe traditional full time equivalent (FTE) hiring models are enough. 

At the core of this discussion is the changing workforce dynamic.  Today's IT experts have control over their work choices in ways that never existed before.  The internet has made it possible for workers of all kinds to promote their skill and experience to a global audience without leaving their living room.  Competition for the best resources has increased dramatically and will continue to do so as online staffing solutions continue to evolve. Combine all of this with the changes presented by a multi-generational workforce with distinctly different mindsets involving work and how it fits into their lives and it is clear traditional staffing methods must evolve to keep up.

With all of these dynamics at play, healthcare organizations are compelled to enlist a multi-prong approach to IT staffing to ensure success and more importantly survival.  Agile use of contracted talent, possessing specific skills and experiences, promotes vertical and horizontal flexibility to meet short and long term needs. Need a little or a lot - but need specific knowledge, skills, and experience - your best solution is likely one that is not on your payroll today.